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JL Delbeke Biography
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I feel that real estate is dans mon sang, part of my DNA. It is certainly part of my family history. My father and sister are builders and developers in France, so I grew up inspired by their accomplishments and by the power of real estate to enhance quality of life.
I am a French national, born in Lille, France, and educated in Paris. My professional background includes 15 years in banking and finance in my native homeland. I discovered Miami in 1996, and immediately embraced the international lifestyle of this dynamic resort city—an important financial and transportation hub with a growing arts scene and sub-tropical weather. I became a permanent resident, and am proud to be French-American.

The high end of Miami’s luxury real estate market attracted me immediately, and I have been listing, marketing and selling distinctive properties, from private waterfront estates and condominiums to commercial buildings and investment properties, for the past 24 years. In that time, I executed the sale of three Miami Beach hotel properties, and developed several large residential apartment buildings while listing and selling luxury residences. I understand well the strengths and weakness of all segments of Miami’s diverse, fluctuating real estate marketplace.

As a professional real estate broker with a master’s in accounting, part of my job is to help buyers and sellers navigate the overall purchase or selling process, protecting them from risk through my insights into specific areas and their overall past, present and future valuations. My decades of experience and professional training are my biggest asset for my clients. That, plus a dedication to achieving their personal lifestyle and investment goals, and to being a true collaborative partner for every transaction. From the beginning to the end of the real estate process, I am with you all the way, assisting at every point. And, as a married man with two children, I respect how valuable time is for my clients. I am available on your schedule, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

My clientele are international as well as national, so along with my professional insights, I enjoy sharing my personal perspectives on living the Miami lifestyle. Today, the appeal of Miami is based on more than sunshine, beautiful beaches and wonderful nightlife. With haute couture shopping, world class art galleries, an acclaimed ballet company, a renowned symphony, the nation’s highest number of foreign banks and escalating numbers of international ex-pats, Miami now competes as a true global city. I believe firmly in the future of Miami, and think there is more growth and exciting developments ahead. It is always a good time to live in, and invest in, this city.

Throughout my twenty years in Miami’s luxury real estate space, my reputation for delivering high effort with high integrity has earned me a position as a Top Producer, with sales consistently in the double digit millions each year. Now, I would like to work with you to take your lifestyle and investment goals to the next levels.